Thinking of Rías Baixas calls up immense beaches along the Atlantic and the mariscadoras (shellfish collectors) arriving at low tide.

Enjoy the breathtaking views from the Mirador de A Curota, sail among mussel platforms in the Ria de Arousa and taste a great variety of seafood paired with the best Albariño wine.

Explore the Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park and the Dunes of Corrubedo Natural Park and discover the ecological wealth and biodiversity of the Galician coast. Visit the hórreos (raised granaries) of Combarro and the route of the camellia in the gardens of the unique Galician country houses called pazos.

The Portuguese Way runs through picturesque towns such as Tui and Caldas de Reis and cities such as Vigo and Pontevedra.

In the historic centre of the city of Pontevedra you will discover small squares recalling traditional markets, fairs and trades.

The Samil Beach, the O Castro mount with views over the estuary and the Quiñones de León Museum are some of the famous destinations while visiting Vigo, the largest city in Galicia.

Enjoy the Galician coast

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