The sea has sculpted a spectacular and wild landscape on the Costa da Morte.

In Roman times Fisterra was believed to be the end of the known world, the westernmost point of the earth and beyond, there was only the endless immensity of the ocean. Today it remains the final stage of the Way of St. James for many pilgrims.

Discover the Camiño dos faros, or Lighthouse Way, from Malpica to Fisterra, by visiting Cabo Vilán, Cabo Touriñán, Faro Rocudo, Faro de Laxe and the Ézaro waterfall, among other viewpoints and cliffs overlooking the sea.

Visit the Dombate Dolmen and the Castro A Cibdá de Borneiro retracing the megalithic and Castro culture.

The palilleiras (women who make bobbin lace) meet at the house door to weave the traditional Camariñas bobbin lace. Along with the percebeiros (gooseneck-collectors) and the pottery of Buño, these traditional trades still survive among some others on the Costa da Morte.

Legends and traditions such as the Pedra de Abalar come together in the Virxe da Barca sanctuary in Muxía, keeping the myths of this magical place alive.

Feel the world’s end mystery

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