Camiños con arte took its first steps in 2016 to become a window to discover Galicia winning you over with all its magic.

A soulful story and a big smile will accompany you on your visit to Galicia, so as to provide you with the lifetime experience you are looking for.

Relax in nature, discover our cultural heritage and taste Galician cuisine.

Walk round the Roman walls of Lugo and the port of A Coruña. Discover the historic centre of Santiago de Compostela, Ourense and Pontevedra. Breathe the sea breeze in the Rias Baixas, Costa da Morte and Mariña Lucense. Wrap yourself in the landscape of the Ribeira Sacra. Experience the thrill of the Way of St. James.

I will help you plan the route that best suits to you.

Galicia awaits you in Camiños con arte!

Lidia de la Fuente

I was born in Lugo and I am fully in love with Galicia. I am an official tourist guide in English, German, Spanish and Galician.

I love smiling, developing new ideas with enthusiasm, showing the cultural heritage of Galicia and enjoying the peace of nature.

I hold a Degree in Tourism, a BA in Humanities and a Master’s Degree in Top Management of Tourist Destination Policies and Strategy. I have developed my career in Galicia, Catalonia, Madrid and Germany and I have been working in the tourism and cultural sector for over ten years.

Let’s discover together the charm of Galicia!

Official Tourist Guide in Galicia GT – 120 – XG 

You deserve the best on your holidays